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Experience Interview 1

1. Can you say something about your self
2. Which College you from?
2. Which is the best project you have done till now ? and in what sense the project was the best ?
3. Do you work on staurday’ and sunday’s ?
4. Have you done any kind of certification ?
How would you describe yourself ?
What type of environment you are looking for ?
How well do you work with people? Do you prefer working alone or in teams?
What have your learnt from your past project experiences ?
Where you a part of some unsuccessful projects , then why was the project unsucessful ?
Why do you want to leave this company ? (Never say anything negative about your past company)
What are your negative points ? (Careful guy’s)
Do you work during late night’s ?.Best answer if there is project deadline yes.Do not show that it’s your culture to work during nights.

(B) What is Object Oriented Programming ?
(B) What’s a Class ?
(B) What’s a Object ?
(A) What’s the relation between Classes and Objects ?
Can you explain different properties of Object Oriented Systems? Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism.
What’s difference between Association , Aggregation and Inheritance relationships?
(I) What are abstract classes ?
(B) What’s a Interface ?
(A) What is difference between abstract classes and interfaces? Following are the differences between abstract and interfaces :- √ Abstract classes can have concrete methods while interfaces have no methods implemented. √ Interfaces do not come in inheriting chain , while abstract classes come in inheritance.
(B) What is a delegate ? (B) What are event’s ? (I) Do events have return type ? (I) What’s difference between delegate and events?
(B) If we inherit a class do the private variables also get inherited ?
(B) What are different accessibility levels defined in .NET ?
(I) Can you prevent a class from overriding ?
(I) What’s the use of “MustInherit” keyword in VB.NET ?
(A) What are similarities between Class and structure ?
(B) What does virtual keyword mean ?
What's the logic of link list ?
(B) What is Dispose method in .NET ?
(A) What is Array List?
(A) What’s a Hash Table? Twist :- What’s difference between HashTable and ArrayList ?
(A) What are queues and stacks ?
(B) What is ENUM ?
(A)In a program there are multiple catch blocks so can it happen that two catch blocks are executed ?
(A) What is the difference between System.String and System.StringBuilder classes?
.Net FrameWork
(B)What is a IL? Twist :- What is MSIL or CIL , What is JIT?
(B)What is a CLR?
responsibilities of CLR
Garbage Collection, Code Access Security, Code Verification, IL( Intermediate language )-to-native translators and optimizer’s
(B)What is a CTS?
(B)What is a Managed Code? (B)What is a Assembly? GAC(A) What are different types of Assembly?
(A)If you want to view a Assembly how to you go about it ? Twist : What is ILDASM ?
(B) What is Difference between Namespace and Assembly?
(A) What is Manifest? Ans: √ Version of assembly √ Security identity √ Scope of the assembly √ resolve references to resources and classes.
(B)Where is version information stored of a assembly ?
(I)Is versioning applicable to private assemblies? (B) What is GAC ? Twist :- What are situations when you register .NET assembly in GAC ? (I) What is concept of strong names ? DLL hell.?
(B)What is garbage collection? (B)What is reflection? All .NET assemblies have metadata information stored about the types defined in modules.This metadata information can be accessed by mechanism called as “Reflection”.System.Reflection can be used to browse through the metadata information. Using reflection you can also dynamically invoke methods using System.Type.Invokemember.Below is sample source code if needed you can also get this code from CD provided , go to “Source code” folder in “Reflection Sample” folder. Public Class Form1 Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load Dim Pobjtype As Type Dim PobjObject As Object Dim PobjButtons As New Windows.Forms.Button() Pobjtype = PobjButtons.GetType() For Each PobjObject In Pobjtype.GetMembers LstDisplay.Items.Add(PobjObject.ToString()) Next End Sub End Class
(B) What are Value types and Reference types ? (B) What is concept of Boxing and Unboxing ?
Dim x As Integer Dim y As Object x = 10 ‘ boxing process y = x ‘ unboxing process x = y

(B)How do you start a project?
Report item expressions can only refer to fields within the current data set scope or, if inside an aggregate, the specified data set scope.

What’s your favorite VB.NET or C#....Prepare a diplomatic answer.... Do not get in to arguments.
List the types of Authentication supported by ASP.NET.
• Windows (default)
• Forms
• Passport
• None (Security disabled)

(B) What’s the sequence in which ASP.NET events are processed ? √ Page_Init. √ Page_Load. √ Control events √ Page_Unload event.
(B) How can we identify that the Page is PostBack ? (B) How does ASP.NET maintain state in between subsequent request ? (A) What is event bubbling ?
(B) What’s the use of @ Register directives ?
(B) What is AppSetting Section in “Web.Config” file ?
(B) Where is ViewState information stored ?
(B) How can we create custom controls in ASP.NET ?
(B) How many types of validation controls are provided by ASP.NET ?
(B) Can you explain what is “AutoPostBack” feature in ASP.NET ?
(B) What’s the use of “GLOBAL.ASAX” file ?
(B) What’s the difference between “Web.config” and “Machine.Config” ?
(A) What’s difference between Server.Transfer and response.Redirect ?
(A)What’s difference between Authentication and authorization?
(B)What’s difference between Datagrid , Datalist and repeater ?
(A)From performance point of view how do they rate ?
(I) Do session use cookies ?
(B)How can we check if all the validation control are valid and proper ?
(A)What is Tracing in ASP.NET ? (A) How do we enable tracing ?
(B)How can we kill a user session ? (I)How do you upload a file in ASP.NET ? (I)How do I send email message from ASP.NET ? (B)Explain the differences between Server-side and Client-side code?
Mater Pages:-
What is a class in CSS?
What is web application virtual directory?
What are the collection classes?
What does connection string consist of?
(B)What is the namespace in which .NET has the data functionality classes ? (B) Can you give a overview of ADO.NET architecture ? data provider :- Datareader ,
Data Adapter, Dataset, Connection.
(B)What is difference between dataset and datareader ?
what are the methods provided by the command object
(B) How do we connect to SQL SERVER , which namespace do we use ?

Add Items to dropdown ?lstData.Items.Add(objReader.Item(“FirstName”))
How do we use stored procedure in ADO.NET
How do we provide parameters to the stored procedures?
Which is the best place to store connectionstring in .NET projects ?
(B) What are steps involved to fill a dataset ?
(B)What are the various methods provided by the dataset object to generate XML?
√ ReadXML Read’s a XML document in to Dataset. √ GetXML This is function’s which return’s a string containing XML document. √ WriteXML This write’s a XML data to disk.
How can we save all data from dataset ?
(B) How can we add/remove row’s in “DataTable” object of “DataSet” ?
(B) How can we load multiple tables in a DataSet ?
(B) How can we add relation’s between table in a DataSet ?
Dim objRelation As DataRelation objRelation=New DataRelation("CustomerAddresses",objDataSet.Tables("Customer").Columns("Custid") ,objDataSet.Tables("Addresses").Columns("Custid_fk")) objDataSet.Relations.Add(objRelation)
(I)What’s difference between Dataset. clone and Dataset. copy ? Clone: - It only copies structure, does not copy data. Copy: - Copies both structure and data.
51. Explain what a diffgram is, and a good use for one?
The DiffGram is one of the two XML formats that you can use to render DataSet object contents to XML. A good use is reading database data to an XML file to be sent to a Web Service.
51. Differences Between XML and HTML?
Anyone with a fundamental grasp of XML should be able describe some of the main differences outlined in the table below
User definable tags Defined set of tags designed for web display
Content driven Format driven
End tags required for well formed documents End tags not required
Quotes required around attributes values Quotes not required
Slash required in empty tags Slash not required

1. What is the purpose of XSLT other than displaying XML contents in HTML?
2. How to refresh a static HTML page?
3. What is the difference between DELETE and TRUNCATE in SQL?
4. How to declare the XSLT document?
5. What are the data Islands in XML?
6. How to initialize COM in ASP?
7. What are the deferences of DataSet and ???
8. What are the cursers in ADO?
9. What are the in-build components in ASP?
10. What are the Objects in ASP?

(B)What is Multi-tasking ?
(B)What is Multi-threading ?
(I)Can we use events with threading ?yes

Remoting and Webservices
(B) What is .NET Remoting ?
(B) What is a WebService ?
Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
(B) What is UDDI ?
(B) What is WSDL?
(B) What is file extension of Webservices ?
(B)Which attribute is used in order that the method can be used as WebService ?
Caching Concepts
(B) What is application object ?
(B) What are different types of caching using cache object of ASP.NET?
Page Output Caching,Page Fragment Caching
What are ASP.NET session
Which various modes of storing ASP.NET session? InProc:-, StateServer:, SQL SERVER:-
(A) Is Session_End event supported in all session modes ? Session_End event occurs only in “Inproc mode”.”State Server” and “SQL SERVER” do not have Session_End event.
A) Where do you specify session state mode in ASP.NET ?
B) (B) What are the other ways you can maintain state ?
C) (B) What is ViewState ?


What is normalization? What are different type of normalization?
(B) (B) What are different types of joins
(C) (I)What are indexes and What is the difference between clustered and nonclustered indexes?
(D) (A)How can you increase SQL performance ?
(E) (A)What is the use of OLAP ?
(F) (B)What's the difference between DELETE TABLE and TRUNCATE TABLE commands?
(G) (B)What are the problems that can occur if you do not implement locking properly in SQL SERVER ?
(H) (B)What is the difference between a HAVING CLAUSE and a WHERE CLAUSE? You can use Having Clause with the GROUP BY function in a query and WHERE Clause is applied to each row before they are part of the GROUP BY function in a query.
(I) (B) What is difference between UNION and UNION ALL SQL syntax ?
(J) (I)What are different types of triggers in SQl SERVER 2000 ?
(K) (A)What is SQl injection ?

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